Friday, 31 December 2010

End of year: calendar review

(move to 31st December)

January: 6 days
February: 9
March: 16
April: 20
May: 24
June: 22
July: 11
August: 14
September: 14
October: 13
November: 8
December: 2

Total: 159
which is less than 50% of available days so why was everyone regularly moaning that I was "always" outside :}>

With grateful thanks to the Loweswater Puffins for their lovely calendar, and much appreciation that I received the 2011 edition so I can continue recording my Green Dot Days.


  1. I think that you are being a bit harsh here - what's your definition of a green dot day (suspect that you 'just popping into the garden to...' doesn't qualify in your eyes, but it would in ours)?

    Also, if you are going to beat yourself up on how much you've done, you need to record clement vs inclement weather days as well as green dot days. 159 out of 365 would sound much more impressive as 159 out xxx possible days.

    As if you are bothered - all you have to see is your situation at Bag End vs 1 year ago, and that should give you all the satisfaction you need!

    PS forgot to ask - how are you getting on with the range??

  2. Tongue-in-cheek Hazel, 159 Green Dot Days isn't bad regardless of how much or how little I do in one session. I am well aware that sometimes I do as much in one day as normal people could achieve in a week, and thanks to Management I have the luxury of not having to go out to earn a living at the same time.

    Great idea about inclement days and thanks to your suggestion I am going to add Red Dot Days to the calender.

    I too have looked back to see how much we got done in 2010 and am very pleased, as I am with the raqnge cooker. It is wonderful and I have a Christmas-cooking post planned ... but little Sam means that I do not necessarily achieve all I think about at present, no worries, it will all catch up in the end.

  3. PS difficult to pick a favourite, but I think that October gets the vote all round. I pop across to see the Puffins walks every now and again - must put a comment up there, rather than just nose on in.

  4. I've keep popping in to see if you've posted pictures of the little hairy chap.
    Stop tormenting me and share the love :o)

    Happy New Year by the way.
    I haven't got into gear yet for blogging and commenting. And I certainly haven't been out into the garden. Maybe next week.....

  5. doh, stupid me. Off to see 'The other view'......


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