Monday, 31 January 2011

Continuing the weekend's achievements

Despite being bitterly cold on Saturday morning it was too bright and sunny to stay indoors.

In between working onthe 'lasagne' bed, I messed around with a few other things.

The wild rose I have been hoping to train around the fedge has developed homicidal tendencies and attempts to blind me whenever I walk to the bottom of the potager. As the birds have had all the hips its days were numbered and has been reduced to small pieces in the Council recycling bin.

During the course of the weekend I tidied up all the compost bins. The "nearly ready to use" stuff from Compostus Binus Magnificentus is covered up and waiting to be sifted (middle) and the bin filled last year has now been topped with a layer of straw and compost and left to break down (left). Have started a new bin for 2011 and am definitely going to build more.

Must get that pile of timber shifted from against the shed, fingers crossed Patersons will be here sooner rather than later to roof the area between the shed and log store.

Found another load of flowerpots which needed washing and Management suggested I did them in the bathroom - what a great idea, nice and warm and I made less mess because nothing splashed out of the bath (and at the end of it the bath got a good clean).

As this bathroom is getting ripped out and completely refurbished in the next month or so then it didn't really matter if I did splash muddy water around.


  1. *ahem. It took me ages to work out why other people thought that pot washing was such a hideous job - then I found out that they did it outside with cold water! I might change my attitude though, now I have such a beautiful kitchen...

  2. Giggle, I don't mind washing pots outside with cold water in summer, but not at this time of year. Of course, if I washed empty pots in Autumn (rather thanletting them pile up, *ahem) the problem wouldn't arise!

  3. What's pot washing

    something I know you are far too busy to even think about doing!

  4. I'm with VH on this one! I think you'll change your mind when that bathroom's as nice as the other one! I know dirty pots won't be going anywhere near our new bathrooms - after all, why make yourself a job cleaning up by cleaning?

  5. GLA - given how much you have to do on your plots, I rather think you are excused pot-washing!


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