Monday, 17 January 2011


True to form, not content with a new puppy and the continuing work on the house & garden, I've added another "task" to the never-ending list: learn how to use the cute little HD video camcorder we've bought and learn how to use editing software .......

When Ollie was small, Management suggested we buy a video camera to record some of his antics but I wasn't keen. I was wrong, we should have done. Don't want to make the same mistake with Sam.


  1. Cute, but stupid. Fancy trying to eat holly!!!

    Then again I suppose he's had limited exposure to members of the Ilex family, so everything's new. But surely after the first chomp it must have started to hurt!

    Great to see you've joined the video brigade - bring them on - next best thing to being there for us Sam followers.

  2. When I saw "BeardieCam" I thought you had trained Sam as the cameraman (or cameradog!)

  3. Roddie - that comes later, when he's a bit bigger! There are plans for a real 'BeardieCam' - one he wears so we can see a Sam's Eye View of the world (although early form indicates there could be a lot of mud in the viewfinder!)

  4. HA HA HA! BeardieCam - a dogs eye view of Bag End. Pleeeeeeeeease can we have that!

    Sam: what is this? (holly leaf into view)
    Sam: chomp chomp chomp - hmm.
    Sam: what is this? (pheasant poo into view)
    Sam: chomp chomp chomp - mmmm!
    Sam: what is this? (stick comes into view)
    ad infinitum.

    Love it! And Sam, of course!

  5. Ha ha, I'm still laughing at the thought of the video that Hazel would produce!

    He is soo cute, and his paws look even bigger when I saw him walking towards the camera, but really, snacking on holly leaves?

  6. Cute! Two points spring to mind....
    1. Has Sam been at the Sherry or does he always swagger like that?
    2. Does Sam know Holly is poisonous?
    Look forward to meeting him soon.

  7. Hi CB,

    1. he hasn't found the drinks cupboard yet!
    2. he may not know, but his Mum does - and he wasn't actually eating it, just "mouthing" the leaves. Once he found out how prickly they were he moved on to something more interesting - barks chips & bird poo if I remember rightly


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