Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Is is really only Tuesday?

This week I am creating Barricades'R'Us all over the garden - as Sam's confidence grows, so does his ability to get into places with potential to hurt him (ie: a gap between two logs at the bottom of one of the log piles). Now he is wearing a collar outside I worry that he could get caught up on something.

I could make the barricades much more substantial but I only want to impede Sam's progress, not my own.

In theory, by the time he is big enough to climb over this he will be too big to fit into the gaps at the bottom of the log pile ...


  1. That's a lot of barricades. Hopefully they'll at least stop him for long enough for you to divert his attention to something else.

  2. It's fun isn't it! I promise I will get over to see him soon. Busy, Busy at the moment though. Sparkie turned up today so operation reorganise is on the agenda!

  3. I think this can result in people who don't think through what having a puppy means to abandon them.

  4. It is quite funny to watch Sam look at these barriers and try to work out if he can get over/round/through. I am sure they won't hold him for long, but when he is big enough to climb over them he'll be too big to get into some of the gaps which I'm worried about.

    GLA - you're absolutely right, that's why people like Matron have so much work to do.


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