Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter Visitors

This cold weather has brought dozens more birds to the Bag End Buffet, sadly most of them seem to have ticked the 'No Publicity' box and have eluded the camera.

The Yellowhammer are back, and last week I am certain I had a brief glimpse of a Serin Siskin. The Treecreeper and Nuthatch appear occasionally, but the Greater Spotted Woodie is here more often than usual.

Also currently making only an occasional visit is the Red Squirrel, not shown here since August - yikes. A huge crop of beech mast this autumn has been great for wildlife and meant there is a lot of natural food around and reduced the need to come into the garden for hazelnuts.

I do wonder how many of our lovely visitors will die from the cold this year.

When I went to bed last night it was cold:

When I got up a couple of hours later 'cos I couldn't sleep it was even colder:

When I got up this morning it wasn't much better:


  1. Sadly this weather is very hard on the wildlife, but we do our bit to help them and they will bounce back again. We've had loads of goldfinch on our feeders, we've counted 22, but there are more fluttering around. And of course the sparrowhawk has quickly discovered where all the little birdies hang out, don't think he's got one yet though, they're too well fed and sleek :o). We nearly hit -10 night before last, not far off your total.

  2. Hi, I've been missing your updates as now blogger doesn't spot them so I'll have to pop over to check.

    Great wildlife - the birds here are really relying on our food at the moment - wish we had red squirrels - only greys here.

    We have a weather station in our garden that my husband plays with he has a blog here if you are interested

  3. Lovely pics of the birdies and especially the squiggle. Isn't he a beautiful colour.
    You'll be getting a whole host of twitchers if you saw a Serin - I think that would be a first up here! Are you sure it wasn't a male Siskin?
    Pesky Sparrow Hawk. We get one most days too. I really don't like the bloomin things. But I suppose we all have to eat - I just wish they'd do it out of our patch.

  4. SewAli, sadly my finches aren't as quick as yours :{

    GLA, sorry - giong private means that Blogger no longer provides RSS feeds. Didn't mean to make it difficult for you, so thanks for making the effort to visit.

    CB - d'huh, smack upside birding book ... I have a dyslexia between Serin and Siskin ..... of course it was the later .. than k you!

  5. No problem now I know what is happening I'll keep checking your blog. Wish I had either a siskin or a serin!


  6. Hi Sue,
    7 Yellowhammer this morning - so bright in the sunshine against the snow. Perhaps you could borrow a couple?

    Please tell Mr GL I love his weather blog and that our cyclamen are also looking very sorry for themselves :{

  7. Mr GL is happy you like his blog - just had delivery of a new feeder from the RSPB - delivery on Sunday too - we have filled it with black sunflower seeds and peanut hearts so now are expectantly awaiting the first arrival.

  8. Have added Mr GL to my Google Reader acount. Thanks for the link.

    Too lazy here to clear up the black sunflower husks which no-one seems to eat so pay extra for the pure hearts. Bag End birdies spoilt? Probably!


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