Sunday, 26 December 2010

Whilst on the subject of quilts

Both quilts for James' children were finished ahead of time and safely with Daddy awaiting delivery by Santa.

Behind the scenes I worked hard in order that they were completed when James popped in to see us on Monday 13th.

As I had kept quiet about my activities he wasn't expecting to see any finished items and for once was slightly lost for words - (ha ha ha ha, sorry m'dear!)

Lack of time and being realistic about the fact that the quilts will be snuggle rugs/tents/goodness knows what for a 4 year old and a 6 month baby meant I finished the bindings by machine instead of my usual invisible hand-stitching but Management and James have assured me that this is NOT detrimental to the final effect.

Actually, the finished quilts were fantastic, am very pleased with how they came out; Merlin worked brilliantly and I am somewhat relieved to find that after months away from the longarm I haven't completely lost my touch!


  1. They look great, I'm sure they'll be treasured for years to come.

  2. They are wonderful. I bet the boys will love them and find all sorts of uses for them, as you said.

  3. Oh, how lovely!! They turned out great and I bet they'll be lovingly dragged from pillar to post for years.

  4. They are lovely Bilbo, not surprised that you were pleased with them.

  5. Cor, what gorgeous quilts. I'm commissioned to make one for my sister's friend who is expecting in May (there's something about May this year!) and I was thinking of a Block in a Box effect to show off some bright kiddie prints. That red sets them off wonderfully. They won't be as well quilted though - I'm a bit of a straight and narrow gal when it comes to the quilting!

  6. Hi Jill, glad you approve :}

    Thank you Flum, I have loads of these fabrics left over, need any contributions for the quilt you are making?

  7. Well now, I have quite a few suitable prints - but if you're offering? (Grin!) a few of your scraps would mean I didn't have to repeat a block so often. Many thanks in anticipation.

  8. You're very welcome Flum. I have some bits'n'bobs to send to Hazel so I'll get a squishie off to you at the same time.

    Are you aiming for 6" square surrounded by sashing (like Matthew's quilt) or pieced blocks (like Christian's) - in other words, what's the minimum size you can use?

  9. Now that I'm back in the land of the connected I'd like to say a huge thank you for two unique and wonderful gifts.

    We took Matthew's up to Yorkshire with us and he wrapped himself up in it in the car and out of the corner of my eye I could see him counting spiders and bugs!

    I'll let you know how the other one progresses, but as he's only eight months old it may be a while {g}.

    Once again, thank you.

  10. It's 6.30pm on the 3rd January. I know he's there 'cause I've just spoken to you. SO WHY ISN'T HE ON THE BLOG YET?????? Come along Bilbo, you are letting your public down


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