Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow scenes

Now it is our turn - only 3" or so which is nothing compared to Scotland and the North East but it is far more than usually falls (and stays) this close to the coast.

Not surprisingly there have been no Green Dot Days so far this month although I've been outside everyday, topping up bird feeders (usually three or four times each day), getting logs, checking the greenhouse, and scraping ice off the drive.

This needs to be clicked on to see it properly and isn't a very good image but eons ago I promised Hazel a panorama across the front ...

Took this an hour or so earlier, on full screen the quality is diabolical but either large or small it gives a better impression of the front than the panorama.


  1. You have about the same amount of snow as we had here a week or so ago - I hope that it doesn't hang around for you as long as it has here. It was easy to brush away when it had first fallen - so dry and powdery - but as soon as it was compressed by feet/tyres it turned into ice which has been a beggar to shift.

    At least we are better off than those in the North/East - it looks so pretty but I've had enough of it now, so hoping for much warmer weather from tomorrow!

    The panoramas are wonderful, thank you - wow! You could take an identical photo every morning then you would have a time lapse thingy of the changing seasons through the year.

  2. Wonderful - simply wonderful!

  3. Hazel, glad you approve. I know I promised the panoramas months ago and now the blog is private I feel far happier about sharing more than just little segments of the view.

    James - sorry :}>


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