Saturday, 25 December 2010

Quilty Christmas

A very quiet Christmas Day at Bag End. No fellwalking this year so Management read a book and putzed around online whilst I turned a nice flat piece of quilted fabric into a three-dimensional cover for the puppy's cage.

Management is still breathing and walking around undamaged after looking at the finished article* and commenting "very nice but you know you could have achieved the same effect with a couple of towels".

A lovely supper and some rubbish on TV - pretty decent Christmas really!

* not quite finished - want to put a couple of ties/tabs on the edges


  1. I think Management has missed the point ... but maybe you have to be a crafty sort to understand it. It's looking good, I'm sure puppy will love it.

  2. It's alright Ali, he hasn't missed the point but couldn't miss an opportunity to tease :}


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