Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Out and about

90% of Lake Bassenthwaite is frozen

So is much of Derwentwater

A slightly unusual view of the boathouse

Oh heck, proof that Management walks on water ...

A lovely shoreline walk to Friar's Crag followed by an excellent lunch at Peter Sidwell's place (thanks Lyn!)


  1. *clucks like mother hen

    Perhaps you sould have a disclaimer on this post along the lines of 'only utterly divine creatures such as Management should attempt walking on water in this fashion - anybody else undertaking this damn-fool endeavear deserves all they get!


    Nevertheless, extraordinary blue-sky pics - wonderful!

    PS you seem to have a broken link to Pete Sidwell's restaurant?

  2. As if we needed any proof... juggling all that he does is proof enough!

  3. There are some stunning photos. Perhaps next year's Christmas cards, the same as I suggested to Sewali the other day? As for Management walking on water, I thought you both did that, all the time?

  4. Morning all, thanks for the comments. Hazel, broken link now fixed, ta muchly.

    Walking on water disclaimer: although the ice is obviously very thick at the edge of the lake I kept VERY CLOSE to the shoreline (ie: within inches) and Management never went much further. He joked that if the ice had cracked he probably wouldn't even have got his knees wet. He can be a bit daft (thinks 3rd September ...) but is not completely stupid.

    Sue - I did think about next year's Christmas Cards but don't you think they'll be better with a small Four Paws centre frame?


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