Monday, 6 December 2010

Nutchatch and Yellowhammer - and other welcome visitors

At risk of upsetting Country Bumpkin, this morning saw our first Brambling of the year.

Gorgeous little bird, one I always associate with the Lake District. Naff photo taken through the kitchen window but good enough to confirm it wasn't another Chaffinch!

One of the seven or eight Yellowhammer who seem to have taken up residence

The Nuthatch doesn't normally stay still long enough to get a decent picture but the lure of fresh peanuts in this cold weather won him/her over.

In other news ...

Coal Tit

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Everyone needs to eat, even pigeons. Hopefully this number will attract the attention of Mrs Sparrowhawk

Many starling recently. I know they get a bad press but I find them beautiful. Sadly they are now on the "red" list as numbers continue to drop.


  1. So much variety - and don't you notice how the snow helps to push some (reflected) light up underneath the birds to show off more of their colour and detail.

  2. No worries Bilbo, we get more than our fair share of birds here - these and lots of others as you well know (although we rarely get Yellow hammers in the garden, just in the field behind). I am so pleased to see the Brambling. I have been awaiting their arrival here for weeks, they have been in the country for some time now, so hopefully if they have found you, they might head over here soon. BTW you can keep the ruddy pigeons. That's waht you get for feeding wheat ;-)

  3. That's what you get for feeding wheat

    No - pheasant is what I get for feeding wheat. The pigeons just eat everything!!

    Am sure the Bramblings will find their way over to you before long.

  4. BagEnd ... obviously the best bird eatery in the district!

  5. Thanks Nic, they are costing me a fortune and keeping Birds' Bistro nice and profitable!

  6. Looks like a brambling - we are busily putting lots of food out for birds too


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