Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse ~and~ Solstice Sunrise

(picture laden post!)
I wonder what early man would have made of this? A full lunar eclipse, utterly beautiful but sadly I only got a couple of shots before the earth's rotation meant the church behind the house was completely in the way :{<

( I was by the middle gate next to the house looking back into the Coppice, hence the birch twigs obscuring things!)

Crosscanonby or one of the other beaches on the Solway Firth would have been the place to be today, but I'm not driving in these temperatures in the dark!

Getting up early wasn't just about taking pictures, it was wonderful to witness this and thanks to Management who happened to notice something online otherwise I would have blissfully slept through it. I wouldn't, however, have slept through this:

An hour or so later, Solstice Sunrise which today happens at 08.37 - half an hour later than the south coast but it took another ¼ hour before the sun peeped over the Whiteside ridge.

You think I'm mad? Our postman is on a bet at the Sorting Office - apparently last man standing wins respect - there isn't even money involved in this sartorial lunacy.

It is no warmer outside:

We're off to Carlisle to collect M's car which has been for a service and to do some garden-related shopping. Thank Crunchy for my new silk glove liners, a treat from Management on Saturday, worn inside thick mittens.


  1. Lovely pics, as ever. :)

    We had a stand-in postie the other day who wore shorts - they are mad, the lot of them!

    Not sure why the weather station gadget earns a place in with the wise men - oh, unless it's 'phases of the moon' feature fits in with the wise-men-as-astonomers theory. Or am I reading too much into the photo set-up? {gg}. In all events, I wouldn't mind something similar (probably a more simple version) - would you recommend yours?

  2. Hazel, weather station is next to the nativity for no reason other than when it sat in the kitchen it kept "losing" the signal from the outdoor remote and we wondered if it was too far away/walls in the way, etc.

    Since moving it from the back to the front of the house the signal hasn't dropped out.

  3. I too was quite liking your little weather toy and was wondering which one it was. Meant to ask you the other week and forgot.

    Nature can give the most wonderful gifts at times. I'm glad that you enjoyed this year's winter solstice sunrise seeing you were denied one last year.

  4. James, Weather station was a real cheapie from Aldi and they don't seem to have any more.

    We're enjoying it so much and now know it will be worth investing in a more expensive one at some point in the future which gives us more features.


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