Sunday, 19 December 2010

It needs a quilt, don't you think?

Don't you think this needs a quilt? Not just the obvious ones inside, but a cover outside to help create more of a sense of 'den'. A nice wholecloth would do the trick, interestingly shaped to fit the top and two sides.

Yes, it is a very large crate for what will be a fairly small puppy but our intention is that this will permanently be his bed and 'safe place' and a 38" cage is the size recommended by Yvonne as appropriate for a full-grown Beardie. In the short-term there is room to have his bed at one end and some paper at the other to deal with accidents if he needs to pee in the night and I don't hear him wanting to go out.


  1. A shaped quilt would make that into a really private den for a little puppy. I know I've seen that done for a cat somewhere in blogland.

  2. That's the plan Sue, do you think he will like a nice Hoffman batik?

  3. Hi Jill, me neither!!!

    BTW, decision already made - we are having one of the boys from the litter, although the girls are heart-meltingly cute.

  4. ...although the girls are heart-meltingly cute...

    D'oh - They are all overwhelmingly cute!

    I think that you need a quilt cover too for the den.

    Partner-in-grime Jane has a similar cage for her miniature Schnauzer (?sp)- he loves to have a secure place to retreat to, and takes himself off to bed when tired.


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