Thursday, 30 December 2010

December green dots

It was starting to look as if December would come and go without a single opportunity to work outside. If it were not that we have a new family member joining us on Monday and have been needing to get outside since early November to make some of the fencing secure then the whole month might have passed without a single "green dot" on the calendar.

Fortunately a break in the weather (and the fact that we were fast running out of time) allowed us to spend Wednesday and Thursday in the garden.

The main problem was the paddock fencing around the bottom corner of the garden, uneven ground means that the gap between the bottom rail and the soil varies from 2" to 12". Fortunately a roll of chicken wire and nail gun which fires staples has solved that issue, but not without some cost to Management's hands which have suffered somewhat after two days of bending and cutting wire, and folding & twisting cut ends to make them safe.

Given that this Small Hairy Person isn't going to be in the garden unsupervised or out of my sight for some considerable time to come, Management was heard to mutter darkly that I might be going a little over the top - this could have had something to do with the fact that at the time he was dealing with blood pouring down one of his fingers.

The chicken wire can't be seen from a distance and I suspect is unlikely ever to be removed, even when Little Chap is big enough that he couldn't get through the fence if he wanted to. Over time I can tidy up, dig in and bury the bottom fold of wire.

Never did manage to have a bonfire before Christmas to get rid of all that timber . . .

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  1. Seems that you have repaired the wind break material too - look forward to meeting your new 'baby'.


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