Saturday, 11 December 2010

Days which change the world

In every life there are a few key days on which things change. I don't mean the day Diana died, or 9/11 (not that those days didn't change the world) but the pivotal moments which influence our personal direction for years to come such as the day you meet your husband/wife, the day I came home from a quilt show and Management said I've been thinking, it's time to move to Cumbria.

It is not usual to predict these days in advance but on this occasion we can: in early January our lives will change considerably.

In early January one of these darling little people will come to live at Bag End. It might be one of the two on my lap, but it might not. Most unusual to have so many brown babies in one litter - I'll take that as a Sign, a very good Sign!

A huge thank you to Yvonne and Peter for making us so welcome and not minding us sitting on their kitchen floor all afternoon :}

Management's feet under attack, I suspect not for the last time ...

At one point I didn't believe we could ever do this again but time really does heal and now we are ready. It's taken a long time, so long in fact that it appears I have grieved for Ollie for a month for each year he lived with us.

Much to do between now and the day a little chap comes to turn our lives completely upside down and take over our hearts. New beds to buy, fences to check, off to Millcroft to have a chat with Clare about inoculations and the like.

Excited, nervous, delighted, terrified!


  1. Awwwwwww!

    Congrats mum & dad to be! :)

    I am delighted for you!

  2. Woohoo. I am so thrilled for you both, I know how much you wanted this to work out.

  3. Awwwwww indeed. Why don't you just have All of them? Her Ladyship is NOT going to be impressed next time she visits. Infact, I suspect she will stay in the car! Has he got a name yet?

  4. That is wonderful news Jayne, I'm so pleased for you. I feel quite excited myself at the thought of all the lovely pics to come. Are you sure it's just going to be the one!

  5. Thanks for the the ever welcome cuppa yesterday after our walk and letting us see all the photos of our nephew-to-be !
    I think Harry and Bethan have a lot of fun times ahead with him, whether it be "J or three quarters" ! Wise old sage Harry can teach him the ways of the world, and Bethan . . . well, we won't go there ! On top of all the 'naughtiness' she will whisper in his ear as he grows up, she will probably flirt outrageously with him when he is bigger, with no acccount of the age gap ! A toy-boy for madam . . .

  6. I knew that this day would eventually happen in its own time, and I'm sure that Ollie will approve of your decision to share your life once again with his type of hairy folk. After all, he taught you well and it's only right that you pass his wisdom down to a younger generation.

    Bag End is going to be considerably different from now on, watch out for those nose and paw prints everywhere!

  7. Dear all,

    Sorry to be so tardy in my reply, but technology has been unhelpful this week and I now have a huge backlog of blog stuff to catch up with. Just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comments about the forthcoming Small Hairy Person.

    Yes Jill, it will ONLY be one little chap! One puppy will be quite enough work and the breeder is far too sensible and experienced to let anyone have two at the same time.

    CB - and there I was hoping that Hattie might step up to her role as Senior Four Paws and teach this young scamp a few things about good behaviour (I know there is no chance of her learning same from Bethan ....)

    Name not yet decided, have a fairly good idea, but will reserve judgement until we actually pick him up. Don't expect to find out which puppy Yvonne thinks is most suitable for us until the day we collect him.

  8. hooorah, what a happy life your pup shall have at Bag End.
    How to choose though? Any danger of you returning with 2 ;o)

  9. Hi Nic, no chance of two. The breeder is far too experienced to permit it and we are not that daft either. One will be quite enough work!


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