Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Shot outside very quickly this morning to put some bird food on the little wall wearing only dressing gown and (heavy duty) slippers.

Was very conscious that if I'd slipped over and not been able to get up hypothermia might not have been far away. We've already heard of three elderly people who have lost their lives by falling outside during this cold period, one sadly only 5 miles from here. There will be more tragedy before this is over, not just human. I can't help wondering how many birds have died, how much livestock is affected?

I've decided Trichomonas is the least of the current problems and put all the feeders outside. With double capacity and topping up three or four times each day, plus keeping some water clear of ice, hopefully we are helping keep some of the birds alive.

Every morning I see our friend EJ drive across his fields putting out feed for the sheep. Hay and silage were already at a premium after the wet summer and farmers could do without the additional cost of having to supplement so early in the winter.

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  1. I love how birds stand on one leg when it is cold to keep at least one foot warm.


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