Monday, 6 December 2010

Curtains and cards

Much of the weekend spent messing around with curtains. I hate working on curtains, period. Don't care if technically they are textiles, I'd rather do mending than curtains and Management will tell you how much I dislike mending.

I've been talking about changing some of the curtain linings for thicker, insulating ones since the summer. Did I do it in the summer? Did I heck - no, far more sensible to wait until we are in the second week of the coldest start to winter since last time it was this cold. Must admit it was worth it - the walk-in freezer previously known as the utility room feels 2 or 3 degrees warmer so perhaps I won't prevaricate so much and do some other rooms.

And then there are Christmas Cards to be written and sent. Love doing this but seem to be less organised this year and have forgone the usual State of the Nation letter, which is a shame 'cos I have fun looking back on our year and writing it. Never mind, the sooner I get the cards done, the sooner I can get all the decorations out (and I haven't forgotten my promise to ship all the unused ones to a charity shop).


  1. Hey Miss Busy Bee, would you like to come and do my cards and letter now? I haven't started, although I have got the cards and have had them for about 3 weeks now!

  2. Amazing what a difference the warmer curtain linings make - perhaps I should do the same - even with our much warmer aspect here we had minus eleven yesterday first thing!

    You're ahead of me too with your cards - like Sue, I have them ready, but won't be sending them out until this weekend.

  3. I hate the fact that you can be so organised. We haven't even got last year's bargain cards out of the loft yet, although our tree has been started much to the delight of son number one.

    In an attempt to appear organised I have done some online present shopping though - just need to find some time to wrap them etc.

  4. Sue - I had to force myself otherwise it would have been another week!

    Hazel - YOU had minus eleven, good grief?

    James - I am not organised, if I was then your childrens' quilts would be done - but the backing is pinned on the machine and thread selection has been made.


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