Tuesday, 7 December 2010


At the end of November I was stupid enough to ask "will it get any colder".

I should have known better, at 6.00pm tonight it was minus 9. Less than four hours later it is MINUS 12.4. Whilst the temperature is dropping the pressure is rising and the clever little device is forecasting a sunny day tomorrow.

Glen turned up today so the little bathroom is nearing completion - new lights and extractor fan, a little more wiring tomorrow then the only thing missing is for me to fit the bath panel.

I managed some sewing in the afternoon - the Christmas quilts are a step closer to actually arriving with Santa.


  1. Looking good there Bilbo thank you very much. I can't wait to see the finished articles.

  2. Have you learned yet not to say these things? (giggle).

    I love what you've done on the back of the quilts.

  3. James - threaten me with any more supposed spelling mistakes and these quilts are going to the dog basket ...

    Sue - obviously not!

    Three days of house full of electrician means no further progress :{<


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