Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas shopping

As most of you know, Management and I don't really "do" Christmas. OK, I love to put up our decorations and the freezers are both already full to bursting but we tend to steer clear of parties and present buying.

However, this year City Link, FedEx and others have been making regular visits to Bag End:

A collar and lead can't be purchased online so there will be a trip to the local pet shop next week where I expect to come away with a bag full of new toys as well (and that's just for Management!)


  1. Snowman dog crate....... how appropriate! This puppy isn't going to be spoilt at all is he?? Hattie thinks the crate is a great idea. His Nibs can be locked in there, while Her Ladyship pays you a visit without getting mobbed!

  2. Looks like someone's getting all ready for a mini hairy-four-paws to me!

    Hopefully the arrival of all things canine related reinforce the fact that in a couple of weeks' time you will have a bouncy puppy to enjoy. I'm excited and it's not even mine!

  3. Thanks guys. Didn't dare buy anything until we had been to visit the litter and I knew we were really going to be able to do this.

    CB - please tell Hattie not to worry and His Nibs will learn manners (or else!).

  4. Snowman dog crate?? Ah - SHOWMAN - the ol' mind was a bit boggled there!

    I think that I would be pushing Christmas to one side and pining for January on this occassion too!

    Would it be fair on you if I were to open up a private sweepstake with the others on names??

  5. Hi Hazel, yes, it is a Showman crate, but CB's version made me laugh more.

    Feel free to have any sweepstake you like, but the couple of people to whom I have mentioned a possible name are NOT allowed to enter! I could even come up with a small Hobbit-prize if anyone gets it right ...

    PS: yes, I want Christmas over and done with this year {grin}

  6. Anyone who wants to have a guess at the pup's name can email me at We have a couple of weeks to come up with something! Bilbo will have to adjudicate on nearest guesses on puppy-home-day.

    I reckon that QuiltSue might be one with an inside track on possibles (go on, Sue, you can whisper it to me.....!)

  7. Hey Hazel, I can't think why you might think that, (said with an innocent look on my face.) Actually, here's a whisper, "Ostrabogullus"

  8. How exciting, I can't wait to see the pictures of the new little one! Have the delivery chaps guessed what's going on yet?

  9. You know, this little sweepstake of Hazel's might have far-reaching benefits.

    Although I do have "a name" in mind, we are not yet certain. Perhaps one of you clever lot will think of just the right name. However, much as I love QS, I do not think Ostrabogullus" is a contender!

  10. Is this going to be a "he" or a "she" fuzzy one? We don't want just any old names being thrown out, you know.


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