Saturday, 4 December 2010

Being in the right place at the right time

That place being the kitchen window when I thought I'd try and shoot a few pictures of the many birds who have come to depend upon the Bag End Buffet. I was hoping to get the Fieldfare I'd seen earlier but instead managed to take usable pictures of the Nuthatch and Yellowhammer. I'll put them in another post - this one has already got enough images.

We've put some boards immediately outside the kitchen window in the hope that my young Rooks will stop sitting on the windowsill and tapping on the glass. So far only the Robin and Blackbirds have been seen at the new place setting.

Many of the usual suspects

Such a rubbish picture - but I loved the pose.

Including someone who definitely came for lunch, apologies to the squeamish, I certainly didn't expect to get this!


  1. ...and neither did the poor goldfinch he's standing on (it is a male isn't it?)

    Still even sparrow hawks have to eat, perhaps Mrs. Hawk would like to reduce the pigeon population as well {g}

    Nice to see some more pictures of your reds - and there's nowt better than some snow to set them off.

  2. Sadly James, we haven't seen Mrs Hawk for a while, although we did see some pigeons today looking considerably thinner than usual ...

  3. I always have mixed feelings when the sparrowhawk pays a visit - we had one decide to pluck a sparrow right up alongside our window. There are photos on my website here if you are interested. Birds of prey are magnificient birds though and as james siad they need to eat too.

  4. Sue - FABULOUS pictures, excellent page on your website which I hadn't seen before. I too have disturbed a Sparrowhawk with a baby Blackbird in its talons - the hawk was disgusted, blackie hopped under a bush, probably to expire from a heart-attack or unseen injuries :{

  5. It's different isn't it when something is already dead but the blackbirds cries were pitiful and I couldn't just leave it - never found a body so I hope it survived and wasn't just picked off by a cat

  6. You're right Sue, regardless it of being "nature" I couldn't ignore a caught bird that was still alive.

    It happened before you knew me so you may not have seen the blog entry which is here

  7. That's a brilliant photo on the link - I can actually hear the poor young blackbird crying out!

  8. Hi Bilbo, firstly love the sparrowhawk....I have one hunting in my garden at the moment.

    BUT did you have to show the red squirrel....I am just too envious to even speak about it.
    Greys are all we have here and I am not a lover but our native reds.....they are just too gorgeous....

  9. Bilbo
    You know these photos are my absolute favourites and I am quite comfortable seeing the hawk doing what hawks do. Thanks for including it as it's all too easy to get a distorted fluffy view of what goes on out there. We have goosanders on our garden water feature today (that's the River Severn)along with kingfisher and heron. Yesterday we think we saw the bow wave of an otter but on the less glamorous side it's quite shocking to see a pike take a spring duckling in one gulp!

  10. Cheryl, sorry, "red squirrel envy" not intentional. Could we train the darling Nella to catch greys?

    Jenny, thank you for commenting. Otter? Wow, now it's me who is envious.

  11. Brilliant pictures. We have a regular sparrowhawk visitor. A few days ago all the little birds were sitting in the damson tree while the hark swooped over the garden, unable to get at them.


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