Friday, 12 November 2010

Work in progress, 1

Not even lunchtime on the first day and already a huge amount accomplished.


  1. Is some of the kitchen staying? I see you've still got your books on the wall shelves on the right.

  2. PS I mean the view outside and not the kitchen fitters lol!

  3. Good Luck! I feel for you :-) David built all the cupboards for our new kitchen in the summer holidays one year and I was without a kichen for 6 weeks ,,, not sure how we managed but I do remember washing up in the garage! That view is amazing!

  4. SewAli, all the cupboards are staying (floor and wall) although some of the floor cupboards get moved around to make room for the cooker. Next year I plan to have the cupboard doors painted to make it all lighter.

    Jill - you REALLY don't want to see the view of one of the fitters - skinny little b*gger with jeans that keep slipping down - it's not a pretty sight

  5. Just make sure you seal up all those little holes that are left - otherwise Mrs Stinky and all of her friends will enjoy leaving you presents behind.

  6. Blimey. That looks a bit more than having a new cooker! All that upheaval - you may as well just have a whole new kitchen (gg). Hope it is soon up and running.


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