Saturday, 6 November 2010

A little hairy?

Next week has the potential to be a little hairy. However, this is not "little hairy" as a euphemism for "small Bearded Collie" but little hairy as in "hold on tight, it's going to be a heck of a ride".

In the next eight days we are due:

2 fitters to make changes to the alarm system (if they turn up, this will be the third appointment!)

2 builders (Wayne and Keith) to finish the garden work by the gates (in their defence, weather hasn't been conducive to laying paving slabs)

1 plumber (Andrew) finish putting a new gas supply under the utility floor (started in June last year when we had the new boiler fitted)

1 electrician (Glen) working in the bathroom and hall

2 or 3 kitchen fitters causing complete and utter bloody chaos!

Added to that I have to fit in a physio appointment, Pilates, both Management and I will be speaking at the Planning Committee meeting to oppose the wind farm application and it would be a really good idea to get the kitchen walls painted before the new worktops are fitted ...

Management has to be in London on business and the rail car park is having something done to it so he cannot leave the shiny Subaru outside the station. Not only do I get to deal with all these lovely workmen (and no kitchen), I get to do two 60 mile round trips along the A66*. And he's out all day on Saturday as well - which is only relevant when you know that our kitchen fitters start work on Friday and expect to continue all weekend, bless them :}>

There may be screaming - and consumption of a very nice little Shiraz for medicinal purposes.

* note to Management: it's OK, I don't mind, you know I don't but I know I have to remind you :}


  1. Aha, I'm glad to see the details again, I meant to reply to your email this week but managed to delete it somewhere along the way. Sorry! It sounds like you're going to be spending your week making tea and answering the doorbell. I perversely quite enjoy having tradesmen in, it's great thinking that I don't have to do whatever it is they're doing, and at the end of it I have a shiny new kitchen (well, I can dream!). Did your bathroom ever get finished?

  2. Yes, it will be hideous chaos - but not for long, in the great scheme of things.

    My advice would be to let them get on with it & get out of the way! But have a chat in the morning to see what they plan for the day (so you're all clear about what's going on), and to review what they did the previous day (to confirm you're happy with whatever they have done).

    "It'll be worth when it's done!" {gg}

  3. Make sure you hang on to the pilates - it sounds like an oasis of calm amid the chaos!

  4. Sewali, delete away, I usually type rubbish anyway {g}. I don't mind our tradesmen, we've taken a long time assembling a team we trust and they all know each other and work well together. Yes, bathroom is 95% finished, mainly waiting for Glen to fit a new extractor fan.

    Hazel - OK, I deserved that {gg}. Now seems that Management will be here which means I could go out and leave him to make gallons of tea . . . or maybe not

    Roddie - definitely not missing Pilates, it's the only thing stopping my hip dislocating again! (PS: thank you!!)

  5. Welcome to the club! mind you we do keep going away and leaving them to it - we're only on the end of the phone if they need us. Hope you are pleased with it all when it's done

  6. You forgot the trip to the supermarket for catering size coffee! Good luck.

  7. cripes, that's quite a week. Hope it goes smoothly and how lovely and ship shape home and garden will be when it's all done.


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