Saturday, 20 November 2010

Kitchen: the missing gas supply

It was terribly disappointing to have the new cooker connected but find no gas supply to any of the burners. Fortunately, our plumber arrived first thing Monday morning to investigate the problem.

Last year, when we had a new central heating boiler fitted someone (me?) had the bright idea of making a start on providing a gas supply into the kitchen, there was only electric at the time. Pipes were installed from the garage (where the boiler is) under the floor and into the utility room. During the kitchen refit, all that had to happen was take the pipe from the utility room into the kitchen and fit a bayonet end for the cooker.

No-one thought to check the garage!

Thankfully it only took Michael an hour to connect the "new" pipe to the gas supply itself, easy really . . . and meant that during the following week I have been able to cook a stir-fry on three ouut of four nights :}>


  1. It's a good job you like stir-fry then!

  2. Glad that's all sorted otherwise you might have got really fed up with casseroles.

  3. James - and last night too!

    Sue - I don't mind casseroles, but it would have been silly not having a gas hob when that was the main driver for change :}>

  4. Hee hee, that story made me chuckle. It's often the most obvious solution.

  5. Thanks SewAli. Shows how tired we were last weekend that no-one went down to the garage to check.


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