Saturday, 6 November 2010

End of an era

The end of an era - well, until next summer.

Today I ate the last fresh tomato and savoured every bite. Farewell dear friends, your chilled supermarket cousins are but a pale imitation.


  1. Wonderful! Fresh, homegrown tomatoes - and in November too - well done you!

  2. Tomatoes in November....well done.
    There is nothing like home grown.
    Supermarket tomatoes are a poor substitute.....

  3. Thanks girls, these were the very last green tomatoes which ripened indoors. Delicious!

  4. We missed homegrown tomatoes all around this year. We thought we'd be gone all summer so didn't plant any. And then wasn't at stepdaughter's house at right time for fresh tomatoes, plus hers got blight something fierce this year. So, a homegrown tomato sounds really good, even in November!!
    Oh, and thanks for the comment on "Gratitude". It seems to have gone pffft! into the ether when I clicked on it.


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