Monday, 22 November 2010

Bark Path

I am learning not to get disheartened or frustrated when everything in this garden takes so long. It's not easy but the alternative is worse. We were given a huge supply of freshly chipped bark on 17th October and I started to clear a strip by the back fence the same weekend. It would have been nice to return to this project a little sooner, but in the interim the weather has been unhelpful and I have had a kitchen renovation!

Thanks to a small delivery of larch slab from Patersons it didn't take long to fix some boards in place, lay heavy duty black membrane and cover with four barrow loads of chippings.

Really pleased with the result, very motivated to do more:}> It may only be 5 metres but it's five more than was done at breakfast time. The rest may go a bit faster now I have worked out how to achieve what I want. There is logic to putting a path next to the fence - means we will have access both to maintain the timber palings and get to the backside of the hedge which will be planted next to it. The way the existing rowan and silver birch are lined up gives me an obvious and ideal line to plant to with the much needed hedge along this boundary.


  1. I like the use of split logs for natural borders. But then I'd expect no less in Hobbit's garden

  2. Thanks Nic. After seeing how well this larch slab has lasted in the original huge compost bin I thought I'd try it as path/bed edging. Much cheaper than finished timber and seems to look OK. Glad you approve :}

    Wish the weather was better and I could get out and do some more :{


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