Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Whoops, no email

From our ISP's "status" page:

[26th October 2010 - 7.50]

This outage is due to a major power outage affecting the Salford datacentre where the mail.**.co.uk platform is hosted. Power engineers are working to restore power to the building, after which time additional teams are on-site to supervise the powering up of each piece of equipment.

[26th October 2010 - 7.45]

This appears to be a core network issue in the datacentre where the mail platform is currently hosted. Engineers are working to restore normal service and we’ll provide further updates as we receive them.

[26th October 2010 - 7.00]

Engineers are aware of a problem affecting mail.**.co.uk which means access via POP/IMAP and webmail is unavailable at this time. Engineers are working to restore normal service.


  1. Eggs in your basket put all one - rearrange into a well known phrase.

    Surely people know all about redundancy these days... Or maybe not!

  2. Don't we get to rely on the technology though?

  3. I still have internet access so it's no biggie - and I might get lots more done today without the distraction!

    If desperate, I have Hotmail and Yahoo accounts I can fall back on ...


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