Thursday, 7 October 2010


A beautiful day between two grotty weather fronts. Cold getting better but still nowhere near well enough to get outside and do any of the very necessary autumn tidying up. Did manage a wander around the potager to see that I was not the only one enjoying the late sunshine.

A neighbour gave me the Cosmos plants earlier in the year, I think they were camera-shy and avoided appearing on the blog before now. They have flowered their little hearts out and are still going well; I've saved seed for next year and will see what happens when I aggressively pinch out the tops to make them bushier - right now they are nearly as tall as me and getting completely out of control.

The scabious are one of the few perennials I sowed which managed to make it into soil this year.

Hazel's calendula still flowering it's socks off.

Faded beauty? The sunflower plants are looking very dead and bedraggled but the blue tits and great tits are still having a great time eating fresh seed.


  1. I love calendula. I have a few in the veg plot at home and on the allotment. They have self seeded at home for 8 years. Wonderful plants, and you can eat the petals.

    Hope the cold clears soon - you've had it too long!

  2. Our cosmos always self seed on the plot and we end up with interesting colours. I just transplant them from where they have seeded. Strange as they are supposed to be half hardy!

  3. Fantastic photos E is very impressed!! I remember your any lemon balm growing in your patch? Good strong hot lemon balm tea with a little honey always worked well for me followed by a good nights sleep and much better the following morning. Hope you get back to the outdoors soon.

  4. Thank you girls,
    VH - some of the calendula are already self-seeding.

    GLA - am currently clearing the bed which contains the cosmos, not sure if I will accidentally pull up any seedlings along with the weeds.

    Sarum, thankfully, I never get such bad colds these days as when we were at school. Glad E. likes the photos; if her parents got organised and came to the Lake District on holiday she could see it all for herself {pfnar, pfnar, pfnar}

  5. Gorgeous! Two of my favourites - I simply adore cosmos and calendula, and just look at the colour of that sky!

  6. Thanks Scarlett. It surprises many people but we get a lot of sky that colour - quite often whilst looking at clouds brushing the tops of the mountains only 7 or 8 miles away :}


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