Thursday, 18 November 2010


We have so much going on at present, both personally and in the house, that it's been necessary to have a rethink about what to do with plants purchased recently. It now seems to be the norm that November is thoroughly wet and unpleasant and not much can take place outside.

Filling the Hay Racks with perennials that will be in leaf over winter was a great idea, but, as with all great gardening ideas, I can try that next year. I have planted four out of five with narcissus and muscari, ivy from the summer planting and the Ajuga, and they can sit in the greenhouse until the bulbs start to come through. Although it gives them some protection if we get a Siberian winter like the last one the main reason is to keep them from being permanently waterlogged. A thick layer of limestone chips over everything is an attempt to stop Mr & Mrs Stinky from digging up the bulbs as a tasty winter snack.

The rest of the perennials originally destined for the Hay Racks have either found winter homes in the Potager or in the greenhouse. I don't fancy my chances being able to keep much of this alive over winter outside in pots. Either it will get frozen to death or I won't water it when necessary.

A viburnum hedge in place of the yew would be great, but it requires chopping back conifers which are probably shading the bed too much, digging up the yew and finding somewhere safe for it before I even start putting in the new plants. A thick mulch of bark chips will do for now, I'll think about it again next year.

The nursery area at the end of the greenhouse is now much tidier, as and when we get some dry weather over the next few weeks I'll build the planned staging and sort out the water butt.


  1. I thought to myself 'Bilbo hasn't blogged for ages, so unlike her' then realised I've not been getting your updates. Obviously not set it up right so will have to remedy that.
    Busy busy busy I see Bilbo. Must confess to losing heart for the garden now the weather is all damp and foggy. How feeble of me!

  2. Nic, nothing to remedy. I apologise that one of the consequences of making the blogs private is there will no longer be any RSS feed. 'Fraid you have to be proactive and toddle along to have a look to see what I've been up to because Google/Blogger won't tell you anymore :{<

    Not feeble to lose heart at this time of year, I normally do.


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