Monday, 4 October 2010

Quilt Progress

Parent of future owner of this quilt has requested regular updates :}

Got a surprising amount done today. Changed a few fabrics, layout sorted itself in record time and have assembled four out of eight rows.


  1. I think this little 4-year old will love it. Its so bright and cheerful. A wonderful thing to be sewing on a wet or cold day, or a day when you're not feeling too good. Come to think of it, the same could be said for the child - wonderful to play with or wrap up in.

  2. Thank you Sue, it's a lovely "no-brainer" to sew but I don't want that to sound derogatory (recipients Dad reads Bag End blogs!). I hope the little chap will enjoy snuggling up in it and finding the matching fabrics.

  3. I'm impressed. What patience you must have. Hope you haven't got blown away these last couple of days. It's been pretty wild here.

  4. Thanks CB, it doesn't take patience to do something you enjoy :} Very windy here too, most thankful that the trellis is up to give greenhouse some protection.


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