Sunday, 31 October 2010

October activity

Autumn weather and a stinking cold haven't helped this month. Not as many Green Dot Days as I would have liked, nothing new there :}>


  1. Still a lot more green dots than on my calendar! Cute sheep, it's a shame to turn over to November.

  2. Impressive Green Dot count, especially since you were laid low earlier in the month. Well done.

  3. Thanks girls, you are right Sewali - he is a cute little Herdie.

    Hazel, I was surprised to count up and find it is only one day less than August & September and more than July.

  4. November already....where did the year go?
    My Mum said they would gallop as each decade passed.

    I agree cute sheep.

  5. Thanks Cheryl, I agree - when I was a kid I thought it was stupid that adults told me "time goes faster as you get older". Now I find "damn, they were right",

  6. So, I'm not quite sure what a Green Dot Day is!? Is it good or bad? I'm assuming it's to do with weather?? Or maybe productivity? :o)

  7. Green Dot Days are when I get outside and put a green dot on the calendar. Christened earlier in the year by Hazel!


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