Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Loweswater lakeside

Not a "proper" fellwalk but I was recovered enough by the end of last week to drive down to Loweswater and accompany Ann and Roger on a gentle stroll to the lake. It was good to be back.

Grasmoor looking extremely inviting

Rannerdale Knotts taking centre stage and looking very different from last time I was there.

As there were no small children present it was Ann's job to walk along the wall.

I didn't feel like carrying the big Canon and used our old PowerShot compact camera. No idea if it is on the verge of failing or whether Management has accidentally changed the colour profile but it's producing pictures with the weirdest blue colour cast. My PhotoShop "tweaking" failed to improve matters (which proves how little I am capable of editing my images and therefore what you usually see it actually the picture I took). Roger came to my rescue later and the shots above are much better than my original versions.

The 2011 Loweswatercam Calendar is now available and Roger has proved he can produce pictures with much more accurate colour rendition than I can.


  1. Well. whoever took the photos, they are beautiful.

  2. Thanks Sue, I took the pictures, Roger beat them into submission (heavy application of "Colour balance" he tells me)

  3. Your photo of the dog reminds me of my granddog, Martin. A New York Post article was written about her and my son has been asked to participate in a photo exhibition of her - here is a link to the New York Post article and it has an internal link to photos of her.


  4. Penny, thank you for that link. Martin is an absolute DARLING - would she like to come and live in the Lake District with me?


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