Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Grow Your Own?

The birds are definitely enjoying the GYO food supply this autumn and the sunflower seeds are popular with great tits, blue tits and coal tits. I was sitting quietly on the door step trying to take pictures when I realised I had an unexpected visitor.

This is not an attack-pheasant - he was aiming for the shelving rack not the great tit!

The rack wobbled rather too much for his liking so he spent a few minutes picking over the soil in the rhubarb bed before flying off.

He knew I had crept along the potager and was hiding behind the asparagus bed but didn't seem too worried.


  1. Oh, my word, he's lovely!! I really enjoy the birds at your house. They are so different from the ones we have here. Now, the squirrels,.....they may look different, but they certainly act the same!!!!

  2. Will you leave the sunflower heads there over winter for the birds or do you do something else with them? I left some on the sunflowers last year but they seem to get covered in mould very quickly in the damp weather - I wondered what the best way was to keep them going icky - we don't have nearly as many birds as you to gobble them up quick :)

  3. FFG - don't get me started on squirrels. There are so few areas left where our beautiful native red can survive because of the introduction of the detested American grey squirrel in the late 19th century.

    Tamsin, the seed heads will not last in our wet climate. If you want to save them for the birds, dry them indoors, save the seeds and put them out as regular bird food. I have saved the huge stems and will fix them up somewhere (hopefully dryish) where insects can overwinter in them.

  4. Beautiful birds, the pheasants. We often get them in our garden, though less often now we have the chickens (Come here, lovely lad - no need to move away!)

  5. VH, I have been wondering what the effect of chickens will be on our visitors. However, as Bag End hens will be in a (large) enclosed run most of the time I'm hoping they won't disturb the balance too much.


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