Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Food Chain

Might not be everyone's favourite garden visitor but we think he is beautiful.


  1. Oh, he is indeed lovely. But he's a different bird from any we have. What kind of raptor is he? I see various kinds of hawks here at my house -- cooper's, red-tailed, red shouldered, northern harrier mostly. Others like kestrels and merlins we see on our outings to the state forest and over at the beach, strangely enough. There's a great state park there also.

  2. Thanks VH, knew you would appreciate him.

    FFG - this is a young male Sparrowhawk.

  3. He's gorgeous. We've a youngster that visits aswell. I prefer him to the heron that tries to empty our pond

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. What a beauty, someone needs to tell him he's supposed to approach stealthily though, LOL!

  5. SewAli - he's a young thug, doesn't do stealth yet but he's damn fast :} Not as good as your pictures on the greenhouse roof in February but this was with my small lens and there wasn't time to change it.

  6. We have a female who visits quite often (they nest just beyond our garden). Her tactic is to hurl herself at the bird table as hard as possible, and then to lurk on the ground just out of sight when she's unsuccessful.


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