Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Extremes of temperature

In the last week the greenhouse has experienced a crazy range of temperature for the time of year.

During a particularly lovely sunny day the temperature went to over 100 degrees.

Last night we had the first major frost of the year, an early appointment in Cockermouth meant I was scraping significant ice off the car at 7.30am. Not surprised to see it went below "zero" in the greenhouse, definitely time to bring the last of the tomatoes inside.


  1. Wow! What a huge range in temperature!

  2. No frost for us just yet but any day now I suppose!!

  3. Hi GLA, don't do what I've done - forgot to harvest the last three little yellow courgettes. They're now frosted mush and on the compost heap :{ Shame because we've enjoyed "Soleil" far more than the traditional green ones.

  4. We managed a little cucumber today but the courgettes were very tiny very tiny. It will be a case of whether they grow before the frost - I did also pick some alpine strawberries, raspberries and dahlias today - just in case!!!

  5. Yes! we had some lovely sunny days last week, the garlic in my greenhouse grew 3 inches in just a couple of days!


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