Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cough, splutter, sneeze

Combination of filthy cold and lousy weather has meant virtually no gardening since 27th September and that's frustrating at this time of year. So much to do to prepare the garden for winter; clearing away finished crops, planting bulbs, preparing soil for the bad weather that's bound to come.

By the end of last week I could get outside for short spells - half an hour in the garden, three hours sitting down to recover.

Cut down a load of nettles that were being very successful at trying to attack Management if he went near the back gate and swept up lots of fallen leaves from the footpath behind the Coppice fence. Looks like it is a good year for beech mast and that's been swept up along with the leaves and added to one of the plastic bins.

Plentiful supplies of natural food means we're not seeing so much of the red squirrel at present, but this one with a beautiful dark coat seems to visit every couple of days.

There are so many pheasant visiting daily at present that a neighbour recently asked if we had started to keep them! The most I've seen together is 2 males and 3 females but we can tell the different individuals apart and there are definitely more than that.

On my first trip to Cockermouth for a fortnight I stumbled upon a small craft market which included a stall from West House who run the Allerby Community Garden. I'd heard of the organisation but never got round to visiting, looking at the quality of these perennials (and the price) it won't be long before I make a short journey up the coast to see the nursery for myself.

Some decent weather this weekend enabled me to clear out the pea and pumpkin plants which are definitely over, and recycle the sunflowers - the heads are on a rack so the bluetits can continue their GYO enjoyment and the thick stems will go somewhere sheltered for the winter and hopefully provide a home for a few insects.

Much grass cutting but somehow I don't think this will be the last time the mower comes out this year.

Potted up the daffodil bulbs. 4 bags of cheap bulbs from Wilkos has yielded 22 pots of extremely large bulbs. Despite the packaging saying "daffs and narcissus" I suspect the majority are bog-standard King Alfred-type trumpet variety but come Spring they will be no less beautiful and the colour will be most welcome. Still need to top them with a layer of gravel.


  1. Those perennials look fantastic quality. I wouldn't blame you for investigating further!
    Get well sooon - you've been laid low for ages.

  2. Despite being poorly, you still seem to have achieved a goodly amount in the last few days. More than me at any rate! Hope you're starting to feel better now.

  3. oh, you've not been well? glad to hear you're on the mend. A few sunny days coming our way I think. take care, N x

  4. Thanks girls, much better now, it was "only" a cold and plenty of folk have to put up with much worse. Saying that, I've felt absolutely bluuuueeerrghhhkkk!


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