Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Christmas quilt, day three

If having such a lousy cold means I'm sewing again, maybe it is not such a bad thing. After a break of six months away from the sewing machine, not having the strength to get outside into the garden means I can do half an hour with fabric, sit down to recover, then do a little more, and so it goes. James thinks this quilt is growing terribly fast; piecing the top might be speedy but I am making no promises as to how efficient I will be at getting it quilted and bound.

All the rows sewn together, sashing added, and a delay whilst I decided the design wall needed rebuilding :} It won't take long for the sections to become a top. Needs another border, have to cogitate on that for a while.

Now all I have to do is come up with something for the baby brother ....


  1. Thanks Sewali, guess I am making up for lost time!

  2. Brilliant. I think 2 borders, one narrow yellow and then another in the same fabric as the sashing.

  3. Sue, you're spooky (or just terribly clever!).

    I was thinking narrow strip of either yellow or blue, then an outer border of the red ... guess that's that decided then!

  4. Can I ask a daft qu? What are the red threads for on the l/h blocks?

    I may never get round to quilting - it's taken two months for me to pop a length of elastic in a waistband of a skirt ....

    Lovely quilt - the recipient is very lucky to have such a clever Aunty Bilbo!

  5. Hi Hazel, not daft at all, in fact, a very sensible question.

    1. Red wool is tied to safety pins.

    2. Safety pins are numbered so that I keep the rows in order, after the amount of time I spent arranging them, I don't want to finish the top and find what should be the 3rd row is now at the bottom :{

    3. Red wool is so that they REALLY stand out and I don't accidentally sew over them.

    You are very well qualified to be a quilter, I bought a lovely pair of cords last year which are still over the back of a chair waiting for the hems to be turned up ...

  6. PS: to Hazel.

    and I *always* put the pin on the left hand end so that I do not accidentally turn a row upside down.

  7. Hi Gina, welcome to Bag End, thanks for saying hello.

  8. OMG, this is beginning to get technical. I had no idea quilting was so complicated (but then I have no idea about quilting!);-)

  9. You're right CB - you have no idea :} As far as quilts go, they don't get less technical than this {grin}.


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