Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Christmas quilt, continued

By the time everyone else gets to Sue's Christmas Quilt-a-long on Saturday I'll be finished and ready for a break!

Am going to leave the final border until I've made the baby quilt. Might do something which ties the two together, might not, the creative pleasure of making it up as you go and letting the quilt tell you what it needs.


  1. It looks great as it is Bilbo, I think another border would detract from it.

  2. After our chat yesterday I'm looking forward to seeing the baby quilt.

  3. As the parent in question I'm delighted with the design, and am enjoying watching things progress.

    I know that number one son will love the bright colours and interesting details in this design.

    Can't wait to see what materialises for the baby quilt!

    Thank you so much dear Hobbit.

  4. You're very welcome James :}

    Thanks to Sue, I know exactly what Small Sproglet's quilt will be like but right now have found enough strength to have a blitz on the spare room so sewing has to wait!

  5. Glad to have been of assistance!

    As for sewing vs spare bedrooms, have you got no sense of priority woman?

  6. have you got no sense of priority woman Sue - obviously not!


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