Friday, 29 October 2010

Can't change the weather, so work with it

Ferocious wind and rain Thursday night which carried on throughout most of the day. I went out at 8.00am to retrieve the just-emptied dustbins before they were blown down the road and nearly got taken off my feet by a tremendous gust. As soon as it was light enough I even stuck my head outside and counted the trees to make sure they were all still upright.

Even an omnipotent being such as a Hobbit cannot change the weather so the best thing to do is take advantage of it by hiding in the sewing room all day

I got the most hateful job out of the way first - repairs to a couple of pairs of trousers for Management, then I could get to the fun stuff and it didn't take long for the baby quilt blocks to go together. QuiltSue wants a sunglasses alert on this quilt and she's right - it is even brighter than Yellow Peril and that's saying something!

Messed around for ages with different layouts and still haven't decided what to do . . .


  1. Great fabrics. That's my normal colour scheme so no sunglasses needed for me

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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