Friday, 17 September 2010

Some women buy shoes

Some women have a shoe-buying habit, never understood that myself preferring comfort over catwalk every single time.

However I do have a book-buying habit and I blame Management entirely. Whilst I always thought I read a lot, it was not until many, many years ago when Mr Hobbit and I met that I discovered what a real book junkie looks like, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em*. This pile is sitting next to the comfy chair with a great view.

I didn't buy this one, it was sent by Cheryl after she read my question as to whether the huge quantity of rowan berries means we are destined for a bad winter. Thank you so much, a lovely unexpected gift.

I'll admit to the pile next to the bed ...

But I am not showing anyone the huge backlog of magazines which have accumulated over the summer.

Is it so very bad to wish for a week of utterly filthy, horrendous weather so that I can sit and read them all?

* I have often had a sneaking suspicion that Management encourages my magazine and book acquisitions for reasons other than love and concern for my well-being {snortle}. The hypothesis cannot be avoided that I can hardly complain about his pile of books when my own is in danger of toppling under its own weight.

Smart chap, my Management!


  1. I too could start my own library ... it's fun though!

  2. I have a library of paperback novels that I reread when I have forgotten the story - I first choose according to the size of the book - bigger the better - then the blurb on the back. I can never find shoes that I like!!!

  3. I occasionally find it difficult to buy books because I'm aware of the many yet-to-be-read books already at home.

    But this year we're having four reading weekends - booked in the diary and then treated like we're going away. Except we don't go away, we just sit and read (or sew in Janet's case) regardless of whatever else is crying out to be dealt with. Next one is in eight days! (We do of course read at other times too!)

  4. Ahh, a woman after my own heart! Give me a pair of comfortable shoes and a pile of books any day!

  5. Sewali, there are worse things to collect :}

    GLA - Management is like that, he enjoys science fiction and finds that Peter Hamilton or Neal Stephenson comes in bulk-sizes.

    Roddie - what an excellent idea, in this house however, Management does not need an appointment to get lost in a book for hours, or even a whole weekend.

    Matron - you forgot the 3rd essential ingredient - woof, woof :}


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