Tuesday, 28 September 2010


rubbish [noun]: nonsense, as in writing or art: sentimental rubbish.

That would be rubbish as in my attempts to capture more than 200 geese as they pass noisily overhead.

This was the second wave, the first went over before I could pick up the camera and get outside. They are not predictable, they take a different route at a different time each day.

Rubbish would also be the state of my brain at present which is like porridge. I have an excellent immune system which normally shrugs off bugs within 24 hours, it is therefore something of a shock to be ill for more than 3 days and I'd forgotten just how rubbish it feels.


  1. Dear Hobbit,

    Hope that you feel better soon!


  2. I absolutely love the photo on the blog title!

  3. Oh dear - do get well soon. Plenty of liquids, paracetemol & rest will all do you the world of good. Listen to 'Ladies of Letters' on R4 - it'll make you laugh!

  4. Thank you all :}, it's only a cold, soon be gone even if it feels like yuk right now. There's plenty of folk who have to put up with much worse.

    If only the electrician wasn't here and Management was.

    Now, about that huge backlog of magazines ....

    PS: Hazel, I have Ladies of Letters on cassette (remember them?) from the first time it was on R4

    PPS: QuiltSue, no Harlow Carr this week :{

  5. There are a few very virulent colds round at the moment. My Ma came down with one and felt rubbish for 10 days. My sister got it from her, and although younger and fitter, still had a week of feeling awful. It's not just you chuck - it's the cold. Hang in there.

  6. Thanks VH, hope your Mum and J. both make a full recovery very quickly.

    It is helpful to know there's some nasty little b*ggers doing the rounds :}

  7. I have Ladies of Letters on cassette (remember them?) from the first time it was on R4

    'tis a new series, I believe on at the mo. :)

    'Dear Vera...' {gg}

  8. hey Bilbo. Sorry to hear you've got a lurgy. Get well soon x
    love the new blog banner by the way.

  9. Thanks Nic, it's "only" a cold. At least we've finally found a way to stop me gardening :}


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