Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ladyside Pike

The setting sun illuminating Ladyside Pike at 7.15 this evening.

This lovely summit escaped being a "Wainright" although it is less than a mile from other notable Wainright tops such as Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head. This is most likely because in order to reach it from the other tops you have to negotiate the unusual (and horrible when wet) slab which lays beneath Hopegill Head.

I've been up it which was OK and down it which I did not enjoy at all. For once, I don't blame AW for wimping out!


  1. I think that blogger has been eating comments again! I was wondering if that magnificent photos had been manipulated at all, or if that's how it came out the camera?

    I think that must be the last of the heather in bloom on the lower slopes?

  2. James - :} :} :}

    Hazel, I've noticed a few comments I've tried to leave on other blogs this week going astray and having to be re-entered. The only photo editing I did was to crop out a building in the foreground that was distracting.

    The heather is supposedly good this year - must have been all that rain in summer :{

  3. Oh, my!!!! Views like that simply make my heart stop!! Does this cry out for an art quilt??????

  4. Hi FFG, well you go right ahead :} I don't make art quilts, (sorry Penny) the practical side of me can't see the point ...

  5. Hi Bilbo -- I don't do art quilts either, but Penny does!!! :) And I know some other folks who do also.

  6. Penny, there is a tale which may or may not be true ....

    When Alfred Wainwright was researching one of his books he met with two elderly ladies who were on their first visit to the Lake District. Apparently he spoke with them for a while (which in itself is unusual - he enjoyed solitude) and one told him "now I know where God takes his holidays"


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