Friday, 3 September 2010

The kindness of strangers

* Management goes out on motorbike

* Management comes back a couple of hours later, sans bike, courtesy of a very nice Australian family# here on holiday who happened to drive past just after my idiot husband* came off the bike on a bend.

* Aforementioned Idiot says he's fine - apart from some bruises including one on his thigh which is going to make my hip injury look like a mere scratch. **

* Hobbit drives The AI to Buttermere to await arrival of recovery truck

* Hobbit drives The AI home

* Recovery truck follows behind with broken bike.

* The AI goes into shock, passes out, Hobbit dials 999 ............

* Nice paramedics agree with Hobbit that he's just gone into shock, all Obs are fine and there is nothing to be gained from sending him to A & E

The AI has had some scrambled egg (goes with his scrambled brain***) and has gone to bed. Hobbit has finally had a bowl of the carefully made chilli she's been waiting all day for .......

Living in the country - it's so quiet and peaceful.

# they are staying somewhere between Staveley and Windermere, Management doesn't know their name, no way we can thank them. They drove 15 miles out of their way to bring him home, they said it was nothing claiming "Aussies will drive hundreds of miles just for dinner". At that point I knew Management was in a bad state - he couldn't call me because there is no mobile signal in Buttermere but forgot our friends live 5 minutes away in Loweswater.

* he's not an idiot, he has a Mensa-level IQ, is very smart, and this is the first fall off a bike in 25 years.

**Thank Dog for proper boots, proper gloves and leathers with Kevlar body armour.

*** in my opinion (and this is my diary so my opinion prevails) he does have a scrambled brain. I hate motorbikes; nasty, dangerous, noisy things - he absolutely loves and adores his bikes. Therefore his brain must be scrambled.


  1. I too have a Mensa level IQ and it doesn't stop me doing very silly things from time to time!

  2. Well the main thing is that Management is okay. Bikes can be repaired/replaced easily, people are much harder to repair properly and impossible to replace.

    Give my best to aforementioned idiot (your words!).

  3. I'd recommend arnica, hugs and a large G&T for the nurse. Hope recovery is swift and bike not too mangled!

  4. Thank you all.

    He's not as bad this morning as we expected, but the bruising is something else ...

    He's had the hugs & arnica, didn't have the G&T in case I found myself driving again ....

  5. Youy can't expect me to read that and not comment. I feel sick just reading it.

    I hope he know's how lucky he is. Can I suggest next time he goes out on his bike you have someone around to keep you company because you will be worried sick and every minute will seem like an hour.

    Thank god his head is thicker than Dave's.

  6. Soft lad! What is it about blokes and motorikes? Fortunately mine has never shown any interest.
    I've no Idea what my Idiot Quotient is!

  7. phew, glad there's a happy ending in there!
    Heartwarming to be reminded that while there are 'none so strange as folk' there are some positively lovely ones out there too :o)

  8. I hope you're all making a good recovery now Bilbo, what a fright you must have had. I hope you've managed the medicinal G&T by now. Fortunately my man's not kept up the biking, we're still trying to sell the wretched thing, but it seems to be impossible to persuade the bike shop to MOT it and give it back. At least while it's gone he can't ride it!

  9. VH - I am sure your Idiot Quotient is a nice big number!

    Nic - sadly, Mgt remembers these people saying they were leaving at the weekend, so we'll never be able to find them.

  10. Ali - take comfort where you can, as you say - if it is not in the garage he cannot ride it - if only ......


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