Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's the real thing

OK, I'm showing my age, and I've never liked the stuff anyway. Remember putting pennies in Coke and seeing how clean they became (which always made me wonder what the hell it was doing to your insides?)

Despite the best of intentions, I don't always clean my secateurs as soon as I have used them and the blades get covered with sap and muck. I indulged some years ago in two lovely pairs from Felco and I know they will last forever if I take a little care of them. So I had an thought: no idea how this can got into the fridge and neither of us were ever going to drink it . . .

and I am still wondering what on earth this stuff does to your stomach if it can leave secateurs this clean? Nice drop of oil and they'll be ready for action.


  1. Shame you didn't post the before picture, says someone who can drink two litres of pop a day (sugar free at least).

  2. D'uh, didn't think to take the before picture but imagine blades thick with sap, dark brown, not a bit of shiny metal visible ...

  3. Good grief - now I know why I don't drink it either! I'll be buying one of those little mixer cans this weekend and trying it on mine, I think.

  4. Hazel, I did still have to rub a little with one of those green/yellow kitchen scourers ... but not much.

  5. Sometimes I gaze in despair into the murky brown depths of the teapot - and I also wonder!


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