Friday, 10 September 2010

Cause for celebration

Went outside to empty the wheelbarrow which the Energiser Bunny and I had abandoned yesterday.

In a moment of "d'uh - smack self upside the head" I realised that nearly all the contents would fit in the Log Store . . .

and in a moment of insanity bloody-minded determination, found that I too could swing a splitting maul and although I didn't tackle any of the huge discs of timber, I was able to split the thigh-sized bits into WBS size. I dismantled most of the nice tidy pile which James and Management had built and wished we'd thought to do this yesterday and avoided double-handling it all.

Management wandered out to see if he could help and bless him, stayed to stack everything I could cut and move. By taking timber directly from the barrow he didn't have to bend down and was therefore able to assist without too much agony.

Less than an hour later . . . a big TA DA moment: we're ready for winter!

Many lessons learned from filling the store this year. Firstly, those huge piles of timber around the garden have an awful lot more wood in them than I realised :}

Leaving it until mid-summer to start preparing timber is silly. Now that we have divided the store in two we will take timber just from one side until that section is empty. Next year (weather permitting) we intend to start refilling the empty side as soon as we can and hopefully we can complete the job slightly ahead of mid-September. This is not a plan - plans at Bag End tend to go off the rails - it is an aim, an intention, something to work towards ... pfnar, pfnar, pfnar, as Mrs Flummery would say.


  1. It's great to feel ready for whatever the winter can throw at you, isn't it. Glad Management is 'managing' to move a bit. Bruises can make you so stiff.

  2. What's the point of showing us a "full" log store with *both* covers in place? We need to know that we're not being short-changed by a sneaky Hobbit!

    A full log store is a thing of beauty, and we can't see it...

  3. Thanks VH, I don't think he realised how painful deep bruising can be.

    James - oh, yee of little faith - of course it's full, and given how much rain fell last night, it's a good job the temporary covers were in place. Eventually we will work out some sort of door arrangement, but for now, old tarp does fine.


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