Sunday, 19 September 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Recent blog post about books: Is it so very bad to wish for a week of utterly filthy, horrendous weather so that I can sit and read them all?

Be careful what you wish for, despite a moderately decent forecast for the afternoon, Mother Nature has other plans. There will be no gardening today. Himself is watching motorbike racing, I've not got as far as the books but there has been housework, laundry, and a small amount of blog editing and some photo sorting, not bad for a wet Sunday.

In fact, no gardening at all this weekend, we spent yesterday in a small field in Langdale attending the annual Shepherd's Meet of the Working Bearded Collie Society. Lovely to be surrounded by hairy, barky people all day.


  1. Sometimes weather like this is just what's needed to get other things done. Now you can read with a clear conscience. Hope you had a good time in the field yesterday?.

  2. Raining all day here too. Still, I've got more damsons to process. (Endless damsons.)

    Once a beardie lover, always a beardie lover eh?

  3. Thanks girls, rain has dried up a bit but way too wet underfoot to do anything.

    We had a good time yesterday; don't panic, didn't come away with a puppy! Definitely confirmed that we have "beardies" under the skin though.

  4. I maintain that if we didn't have rain sometimes, gardeneres would all have health-hazard-filthy houses!

    Although it's threatened rain a couple of times here today, it has been dry, and I have made good use of time at the Hill. Am knackered and filthy now!

  5. Absolute heaven, to be surrounded by hairy, barky people all day. Today I went to the South of England Labrador Rescue fete. surrounded by wagging tails!

  6. Hazel, I do far more h/work in the winter - no time in the summer!

    Matron - glad you also had a good time, we met some nice two-legs too, but the four-legs were the stars of the day.


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