Sunday, 22 August 2010


Same old, same old, but none the less pleasant for that.

Shopping Saturday morning, helped Management with more garage painting in the afternoon. Sunday produced the most gardening progress with a chainsaw session to deal with six remaining tree trunks from the Leylandii felling.

They were laying with the huge (removed last January) roots and whilst not in the way, they were good, clean timber and we wanted them moved. Our lumberjack techniques definitely get better all the time and only took a couple of hours to turn this

into this.

Other work over the weekend included the delightful job of picking small stones and detritus off the lawn. Whilst Patersons did a great job of clearing up after they fitted the large posts, it was pouring with rain and they missed some of the muck.

Moved some of the TellyTubby fencing (reed screen) from the fedge to the wire fence between us and neighbour. Starting to create a little privacy which has been missing from the garden for a very long time.

There was also the harvesting of 7lbs of Garden Pearl tomatoes, some of which became a pasta sauce (with homegrown shallots and garlic) and the rest found its way into a huge pan of Bolognaise sauce. Food miles = about 30 yards!

(Sorry about all the blank space under some of the photos. Have finally given in and switched to the "new wonderful" Blogger editor. Hate the feckin' thing, the original one worked fine but apparently will not be available for much longer so I have little choice. I suppose eventually I might beat it into submission, but for now, empty space it is ....)


  1. Winter stores look good. You won't be cold anyway. It's a pity those lovely shiny red toms don't taste as good as they look when they're fresh. The sauce sounds like a triumph though!

  2. Ooo, what a nice bowl of fresh tomatoes, good to see that they ripened eventually.

    Plenty more fodder for the splitter too I see.

  3. Hi VH, they don't taste "that" bad, but you were right - the flavour is not as intense as it ought to be and I won't grow them again.

    James - log splitter is waiting for you {ha ha ha}

  4. Hi Bilbo, I think I am getting an obsession with logs.....I just see them stacked and I start smiling. I worry about me sometimes!!

    Tomatoes look good.......nothing like home produce for taste and satisfaction.

    Have a good weekend......

  5. Cheryl, that seems like a perfectly reasonable obsession! There is something very comforting about a big pile of timber stacked for the woodburner - primeval feelings of preparing for winter?

    I wouldn't worry about you at all :}

  6. I can almost smell those fresh tomatoes. Mine came to nothing, which was very disappointing. I won't be trying the so-called indoor windowsill varieties again.


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