Friday, 27 August 2010

Trellis, day two

Not quite as much to show for Friday's efforts, probably because so much was achieved on Thursday. Paul and Alan returned to fit the completed top to the wide arch, build the arch near the driveway and reinstate fencing.

The panels on the left are 6' wide, the gap and right-hand panels are 5' wide, the panels finish 7' above the ground, the clearance through the arch is 8'.

Eventually there will be big beds in front of the trellis. Climbers will grow up adding to the wind-break potential and perennial planting in front. Am busy studying Beth Chatto's "Dry Garden" for planting suggestions. This area gets completely baked in the sun therefore it makes sense to use plants which will be happy in these conditions and not require daily watering.

(Cue link to book which doesn't show in Google Reader)

Management receiving tuition on how to whack in fence posts!

There was swearing - apparently the intention had been to run the fence line with the slope on the ground but this was not acceptable to a Hobbit who likes things straight and can spot a crooked post at 50 paces. I went out for half an hour to take Alan to the timber yard and came back to find Paul and Management had worked out how to step the fence down to match the land. They both had the good grace to tell me how much better it looked this way.

The section next to the arch is cleverly in one piece and can be quickly removed to allow wheel barrows full of cow muck to be pushed up the slope :}

HAPPY DAY - the garden is once again completely enclosed and
safe for visiting four-paws.

(The frustration with Blogger's over-enhanced and bloody stupid new editor got too much and I have reverted to the nice, simple "old" one until such time as James can come up here and sit next to the computer with me, and explain how to edit the HTML)


  1. It all looks great - I bet even the rook approves!

  2. It may sound a stupid question but why do you need to use html to use the enhance editor? - I only use it if I have to - you haven't got the compose mode hidden have you?

  3. Hi GLA, I'm sure the birds will approve when I get a couple of nestboxes added.

    re: HTML. "New" picture option only seems to allow pictures to be Left, Right or Centred. I want "none" which is an option in the old editor. Need to look at the HTML and work out what code is triggering the picture > text alignment and get rid of it :} I use both Compose and HTML editing windows depending upon what I'm trying to make Blogger do!

  4. Have you tred using the Blogger help forum. My pictures wouldn't centre even using the options given with the pictures and I had to change the template. This page may give you are starting point even if it isn't exactly what you want!
    Image placement

  5. Thanks GLA, I already tried that and didn't find what I needed. Will wait until our friend James comes to visit (he is a whizzo-expert web designery/HTML expert) and he will explain it all to me :}

  6. Another leap forward in the garden Bilbo, it's looking great. Why would you want Management to hammer in fence posts when you can hire hunky men LOL?!!

  7. What more can I say other than trellissimo!

    We'll have your HTML nasties sorted in a tick too.


  8. SewAli, naughty girl - they're not that hunky when you get up close :}

    James, thank you!

  9. VH, thank you. It's all looking a bit different to when you were last here :}


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