Friday, 20 August 2010

To anyone else, it's a load of posts

But to me it is a fan-bluddy-tastic load of posts. Because I know exactly what it is all going to look like when finished and it's great!

Despite a typical West Cumbrian summer storm (wet, windy, warm and disgustingly humid), Paul and Alan worked all day to get these posts in exactly the right places, carefully lined up with the house and with each other.

No idea yet when we will get Phase Two but I do know it will be worth waiting for.

(It is also worth mentioning that Management should get all the credit for this bit of Bag End design.)

Whilst I haven't yet solved the Ground Elder problem, we have at least (for the time being) buried some of it!


  1. Isn't it great to see a project go smoothly.
    I expect you cannot wait for the next stage.
    I always run before I can walk.

    Love it, burying the ground I would never have thought of that.

  2. So when do P&A return to build phase two of Management's "Posthenge"?

    Oh and didn't someone suggest chickens for ground elder? When are Mrs Tweedy and friends planned? Darn, that's a four letter expletive at Bag End!

  3. Now, why are you building a allows at Bag End? I don't remember hearing about that as part of the plan. Giggle, snigger.

  4. No, mine don't eat it - picky beggars! I'm dying to see the final creation there.

  5. Cheryl, I don't think burying ground elder will work for long - suspect it will just grow up through the soil :{ Ruddy stuff.

    James, they have gone away to make trellis exactly the size to fit the gaps between posts. As for chickens, I am sure Veg Heaven said hers won't eat G.E.

    QuiltSue - you are a bad girl, giggle, snigger to you too :}

  6. Ha ha ha with Sue's gallow's comment!

    Will you be cross if I tell you that the posts on each side of the path are exactly garden spider web width apart? {gg}

  7. Hazel, not remotely cross. I happen to like spiders - a great deal. They are wonderful little creatures who do a great job eating aphids and all sorts of other bothersome critters.

    Think of it as a wonderful autumn/winter photo opportunity :} Sunlit webs across the uprights?

  8. another industrious weekend at Bag End. Trellis-tastic times ahead :o)

  9. Come back to me on that when you have walked up the steps and through a face-high spider's web for the hundredth time! {gg}

  10. I think you've had too much of that Rhubarb wine - you're getting a bit cheeky {giggle}

    If it wasn't a four-hour drive to your lottie from here I would come down and relieve you of the vino, just to save you from yourself, you understand?


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