Sunday, 29 August 2010

Painting, day two

I think I'm half way; all the five foot wide panels and both the arch side panels must equal the remaining three six footers?

Management has offered to do the horizontal bearers of the arch, but I'm determined to slog through the rest. He's finally getting some "garage time" with his motorbikes and I don't want to ask for his help unless I absolutely have to - he'll get drawn in and that's not fair.

Made a start on gravel boards for the nursery area next to the greenhouse but called it quits when I realised I was too tired to work out what angle I needed to cut the timber I'm going to use as a threshold.

An interesting day - we have a house-guest for the weekend. Hattie is a very elderly lady and has come to stay whilst her Mum & Dad attend a wedding, she is a lovely little girl, absolutely no trouble at all. First time we have had a dog in the house for more than a few hours for over a year, felt strange.

Also strange-ish, but in a very good way - the realisation that we have been at Bag End 2½ years - yikes!


  1. You're making fantastic progress. Glad you enjoyed having Hattie there. You'll soon adapt!

  2. I can't wait until my next visit - things are moving along at a fair pace now. More time to spend planting instead of tidying for next spring I reckon.

    As for 2.5yrs, look at it as though you're a quarter of the way thorugh your ten year plan!

  3. I would have got really, really bored of painting the trellis really, really quickly - so well done.

    I was trying to work out how old Hattie's mum and dad were, her being a very elderly lady, before I realised that she's got four paws. I'm sure you'll be having a very enjoyable weekend.

  4. Hattie says: 'Thankyou very much for having me Aunty Bilbo. Mummy says I smell of creosote! I had a lovely time at bag end. Mummy thinks you might have spoilt me a bit, but I think I'm worth it. WOOF WOOF'.

  5. Thanks VH, being bossed around by something with the intellectual capacity of a toddler - hmmm, is adaptation a good thing?

    James, I prefer to think of this as 6 months into a 5 year plan (the first 2 years don't count as they were destruction, not construction). If we can get this much done in 6 months, think what it will look like in 2015!

    Hazel, sorry to confousel you - should have included a Hattie portrait but never got the camera out :{

    CB - please tell Hattie she's very welcome and sorry if she stinks a bit, she did insist on being very close to wherever I was all day!

  6. It must feel great that now, at last, you are really starting to see results of the past 2 years or so.

  7. Thanks QuiltSue, it's great. Might "treat myself" to a little recap at some point - a few before and after pictures. Will probably wait until I'm tired and need cheering up!


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