Saturday, 28 August 2010

Painting, day one

There are some sections which look like they'd benefit from a second coat, but it is looking much nicer already - far more "settled" into its location.


  1. Hi Bilbo....I say it does. It is wonderful to see a garden very slowly coming together.
    I look forward with anticipation, seeing your garden grow.

  2. Now you're getting somewhere! Looks heaps better wearing its creosote. Just getting one of these planted up for next year will be great - all that colour and scent to enjoy come next springtime.

    See, you're creating again {g}

  3. Thank you both.

    My brain is full of possible plant choices - in some ways that is more difficult than all the preparatory work :}

  4. However long did it take to do that? It looks really fiddly.

  5. Not sure Sue, maybe hour & a half including the fence. The trellis was the easy bit, just worked methodically along each timber but the bearers across the top of the arch were a sod to reach. The whole structure is so solid that putting a ladder up was easy - apart from the being on a slope or above steps bit!


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