Monday, 30 August 2010

Painting, day off

Quite understandably, shoulders have informed me that two days painting is enough and they would like a rest please, or if not a rest, then they would like to do something else on Bank Holiday Monday.

Finished woodwork around the nursery area - funny how much simpler and quicker it all was when I abandoned something which required being cut (precisely) to 27 and a stupid fraction degrees and went for a basic right angle. Black membrane underneath and half a bulk bag of gravel later - and we have a small courtyard with decking :}

The wood is high-level shelving for the Alton greenhouse which will be far more useful turned into staging for plant pots.

The solid wooden table used to support the hot water tank in the basement therefore it should be quite strong enough for the water butt although it needs a bit of altering first.

Made a start on more compost bins. Last week Management and I successfully dismantled a couple of large pallets and this has produced a useful little pile of timber, all of which will be pressed into service in the name of recycling. Having a great deal of trouble accepting that the spirit level is LEVEL, another reminder of just how much of a slope there is in parts of Bag End. Shouldn't be surprised - we're on the side of a valley . . .

Didn't achieve as much today as I expected (although by the standards of normal folk I probably got quite a lot done). With Management in the garage it fell to me to keep an eye on Hattie. Very deaf and with less than perfect eyesight she's capable of wandering off and then not being able to find you, she also couldn't decide whether she wanted to lay in the sun or shade, silly dog.


  1. Ah, the blessed right angle!
    The slope is a problem except that it puts you up a hill with brilliant views. Win some, lose some eh?

  2. it puts you up a hill with brilliant views

    Precisely, which is why I'm not complaining - they're only compost bins!

  3. Hi Bilbo....gorgeous dog, I used to have spaniels (Cavalier King Charles)...

    I now have a young terrier to keep the rabbit numbers down.

    Love the landscaping. Also nice to hear you are recycling. I have a passion for home compost. I have nine bins, yes nine, well you need a lot for a large garden. I just love it when they are ready to turn out and you get that lovely moist rich black compost. Gosh, I'm getting excited........

  4. That's my girl. A bit blind, very deaf and Totally stupid! Once again - thank you both for having her, she enjoyed her little holiday. She seems to have taken a liking to Bilbo's quilt too by the look of things!


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